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RAC Route Planner UK

Plan your route throughout the UK and Europe: use the free RAC Route Planner to get directions.

Planning your trip in or to the UK and/or Europe? Find hotels, airport car parks and avoid traffic jams with the RAC Route Planner.

Free tool for calculating driving distance.

Plan your route across the UK and Europe from door to door.

Find out about traffic issues along your route.

RAC Route Finder

Use the RAC Route Planner to search and find the quickest or shortest route to your destination. Enter multiple addresses into the journey planner to create stops in your itinerary.

Save important places or routes? Create and share your own maps incl. photos and driving routes with the free service Google My Maps.



The RAC Route Finder & Journey Planner

If you are travelling to one or more unknown places, it is strongly recommended to use a route planner. Therefore, you will not only find the safest route to your destination, you will also be informed of any traffic jams, delays and road worksalong the way.

This allows you to update and change your plans en route and ensure that you avoid unsafe situations. The RAC Route Planner is the perfect tool to help you travel from door to door. By using this route planner you will be able to get on the road without any problems.

How was the RAC Route Planner developed?

The RAC (RAC Limited) is the English version of the Dutch ANWB or American Triple A. It is an organization that has been involved in helping motorists and other road users for more than a hundred years. A few years ago, the RAC route planner was developed that previously only offered routes in the United Kingdom.

This travel planner can now also be used in other European countries such as France, Germany, Belgium and our own country. The RAC route planner can calculate routes for traveling by car or on foot.

How does the RAC Route Planner work?

Like other popular route planners available on the market, the RAC Route Planner offers users the possibility to plan a route from A to B via C. This route planner can be used on the desktop and as an app on a mobile phone. By simply entering all the places you want to go to, you will be presented with a number of routes. Once you’ve chosen the route, you can hit the road without worrying about taking a wrong lane or exit along the way.

This way you have much less chance of being on the road longer than necessary. In addition, you will be informed of unexpected problems on your route such as road closures, congestion and construction work. If you regularly drive to the same places, you can save those routes to use them again at a later time.

Cons of the RAC Route Planner

This RAC journey planner can only show you the route you are driving. Unfortunately, further information to make your trip even more comfortable is not available. So you can’t see what the parking options are there. The only parking facilities that this route planner can show are those that are available at airports.

Also, you can’t search for gas stations or other amenities along the way that you might need during your trip. Because the RAC route planner is controlled from England, it is possible that any delays due to traffic jams or road works only become visible later than normal.

If you are looking for a similar and free route finder, we highly recommend trying the AA Route Planner.

Be wary while using your RAC Route Planner

What we mean by this is that you should use your route planner wisely while on the road. Do not let yourself be distracted too much while driving and make sure that your phone or tablet with the route is clearly visible. Also avoid creating dangerous situations by adjusting the route while you are driving, rather do this while you are parked somewhere. After all, the RAC route planner is not there to make things less safe for you.

Most popular route planner

Google Maps has become such a major player in the field of free trip planners, route planning software and route maps that many other apps use Google’s technology as the basis for their own ‘mapping’ software.

With many groundbreaking features, such as Street View, Google Maps is a true powerhouse and an invaluable resource for millions of people around the world.